Mo & Terry Smedley

H8 System Support II


This board provides eight utility functions to augment the H8 computer:

1) "Blinkenlights" activity LED controller, monitoring eight user-selectable (by GAL programming) I/O activities.

2) Speech output, with optional National Semiconductor "Digitalker" chipset and/or Parallax EMIC2 Text-to-Speech board

3) I2C controller, using the PCA9665 chip

4) PWM controller, using the PCA9685 chip (eight channels wired)

5) Dual USB ports, using the Vinculum VDIP1, with COMMAND/DATA toggle for both USB file and "vanilla" serial communications

6) Single RS232 port, using a 16C550 chip

7) Eight channels of cascaded interrupts

8) Epson RTC-72421 real time clock, with interrupt capability

Schematic Board X-Ray View Bill of Materials Jumper Settings
GAL Programming  (.JED) SSII User Guide    
Epson 72421 RTC (pdf)      
I2C Primer (Texas Insruments) PCA9665 Datasheet PCA9665 State Diagram PCA9685 Datasheet
Vinculum Firmware Guide (pdf) VDIP1 (pdf) V2DIP1-32 (pdf) V2DIP1-48 (pdf)
Digitalker Vocabulary (pdf) National Semiconductor
Digitalker SSR1/2 (pdf)
National Semiconductor
Digitalker SSR5/6 (pdf)
Digitalker (pdf)
EMIC2 User's Guide DECTalk User's Guide EMIC2 Schematic  
DFRobot DFR0760 Text-to-Speech Board XFS5152CE Datasheet (translation)    

(Rev "L" shown with optional EMIC2 Text-to-Speech board)