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Pam's 60th Birthday Celebration
Mt. Rainier - July 13-15, 2007

Pam next to Dad's new license plate....which is her birthday (almost): 072647

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Mom, Dad & Stephen arrived first at our cabin at Copper Creek Lodge. The cabin sits right next to Copper Creek. A hot tub is at Creek's edge, too. After Mo, Kathy and Terry arrived, Mo and Kathy set out to decorate the cabin.
Stephen helped string the banner while Mom supervised. Everybody had a hand in blowing up balloons. The long balloons required a lot of coaxing to inflate.  
Dad brought out the tire pump to get one of the long balloons started. Unfortunately, this one popped as it was being inflated.   Mo examines her work from the loft overlooking the "great room".
Mom and Dad enjoyed the afternoon sunshine at the entrance to the cabin. Copper Creek Lodge. Mo & Kathy decorate the player piano. Stephen's contribution was a strategically placed balloon in the master bath.
The master bedroom where Pam & Greg stayed. Pam & Greg arrive in Greg's new Camry.  A greeting on the front porch.  
  Relaxing in the great room.    
    Friday night dinner was a BBQ in the gazebo next to the Lodge. In the gazebo after dinner.
  Ice on the lawn ... to remind me that the refrigerator didn't work (well). Copper Creek Lodge.  
An after-dinner game of Rummikub.   ... to remind me that the door came off the oven, while a blackberry pie was baking.  

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