Mo & Terry Smedley
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California Rail Journey
March 15-24, 2003

For our spring break, we hopped Amtrak's Coast Starlight train bound for California.  Our first stop was in San Francisco, where we met up with Patty D'Almeida, a good friend of Mo's from high school.  I claim her as a friend, too, from college days in the Ridgeway dorms at Western.  She gave us a terrific whirlwind tour of San Francisco in just eight hours!  We spent the night at her house in Walnut Creek before meeting up with Mom and Dad in Oakland riding the Coast Starlight south to San Luis Obispo.

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D'Al & Mo at Fisherman's Wharf, with Alcatraz in the background.  Mo is very happy to have her picture taken. Sea Lions everywhere at Pier 39.  Click here to listen to their roar!   Spring has arrived in San Francisco, with bright floral displays everywhere
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Mo headed straight for the chocolate (but didn't actually eat any). Looks like a race in the bay. D'Al took us to the Presidio for a walk... ...past officer's quarters
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Mo and D'Al got really nosy about the high-priced real-estate in town.  We think (hope) this house was unoccupied at the time. Beautifully maintained housing at the top of the hill... ...and a steep drop down to the Bay!  
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Gas prices were high in town. Along the Lover's Lane trail at the Presidio A beautiful day to view the Golden Gate  
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The small black dots in the white water are surfers Breezy on top of Twin Peaks!   Housing built high up on the hills south of town
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Had to visit here! Mo took pictures of San Francisco City Hall back to work to see if some improvements could be made in Hoquiam! D'Al took us down Lombard Street in her brand new Toyota RAV4. At D'Al's house in Walnut Creek


Ahead to San Luis Obispo