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This is the first of two pages of scenic pictures from our BC trip.  Click here for the second page.

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The BCRail route passes right through Whistler. Beautiful Anderson & Seton Lakes as we wind our way to Lillooet and the Fraser River Canyon. The rail route is cut right into the rock cliffs at the edge of the lake.  Look carefully and you can see Mom. Mom & Dad are checking out the bridge over the Fraser River just out of Lillooet.
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The Fraser River. Canadians love their flowers!  The grounds of the museum in Quesnel. BCRail hauls a lot of lumber products.  Inventories were very high - perhaps as a result of the breakdown in talks about the Softwood Lumber Agreement with the U.S. Log cars were a common site.  I got video of a 54-car log train hauling out of Fort St. James.  BCRail has a rich resource product base.
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A fire sled in the Prince George forestry & railway museum. Now here's a man-sized chain saw.  Lightweight it isn't. An early chain saw with a horizontal bar. This is the train station from Penny, B.C. on the CN mainline.  The entire station was transported to the Prince George museum for display.  We stopped in Penny several years ago on a rail trip from Prince George to Jasper on VIA's Skeena train.
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A beautifully restored business car.  Rumor has it that Princess Di spent time in this car at Expo in Vancouver. The Prince George museum.  There's talk about using this building as the train station.  CN's locomotive shops are just across the street. Ribbons of steel working their way through the wilderness. We passed through the Rockies several times.  Here we're heading from Prince George to Fort St. John.
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We stopped at this lake in the Rockies for a photo run by (see the train page). While waiting for a freight meet, the group does some daisy picking. Descending into the Peace River valley, the fall colors are stunning. Taken from the Peace River bridge.
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Teepee burners abound.  An advantage of very low population density. These dilapidated grain elevators are just north of Fort St. John. The agricultural country north of Fort St. John was beautiful in harvest colors. The 250 miles or so between Fort St. John and Fort Nelson is largely unpopulated.  Lots of muskeg.
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Blazing color out the window of our Budd car. This is the curator of the Fort Nelson museum.  The car runs! Here, he's demonstrating the antique gas powered saw. We learned some interesting facts about the BC fur trapping business.  The harvest of this natural resource seems more acceptable in an area where the human population density is so low, and the amount of animal habitat is so vast.

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