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Pictures from the "Second Annual" Smedley retreat to Vashon Island on September 6 & 7, 2003. 

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Saturday morning, Goldie and I head out to the beach for her first visit to salt water. Goldie's always ready to chase the tennis ball.   I hosed her down, then dried her off to get the salt out of her coat.
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Goldie was a very good guest, content to be with us wherever we were. Dad and Steve join in the game of fetch.    
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      Bad dog, Sterling!
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  Ruby gives me some pretty intense licks.   A whole collection of happy dogs.
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Let's see, I think if I push this button and wait a few seconds....ooops! Look at the logo T-shirts:  I love NY, Kentucky Blonde, Seattle Mariners, Skunk Train, Life is Good, Myrtle Beach Goldie has trouble relaxing when she's away from home Mom & Dad share a trundle bed.
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  The Smedleys in 2003