Mo & Terry Smedley


Mother's Day 2002 (May 12)

Mo & Kathy hosted moms McGuire & Smedley at Kathy's apartment in Ballard.  We started the day at St. Benedict's church in Wallingford with another interesting service by Fr. Paul.  After church, we converged at Kathy's for a buffet meal of fried chicken, shrimp, beans, and salads. 

These pictures aren't exactly "portrait quality", but since they all turned out this way, I guess this is what we've come to look like.

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Old family photo albums brought back from Sequim were a big hit. Steve & Mom, part I. Steve & Mom, part II.  I don't understand this. Who's Vera talking to?  (Hi, Becky)
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Who's Dennis talking to? (Hi, Jason) Who's Stephen talking to?  (Hi, Charlie) Pat & Mom Our hostesses and our meal.  (Hi again, Jason)
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The old folks tell stories while the young folks look on. Most of the young'uns. Moms McGuire x 2 and Smedley Pat regales the crowd with a story (Part I)
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Pat regales the crowd with a story (Part II) Elaine's new ankle bracelet. That's Semper Fi to you. Kathy supervises Dennis on the computer.
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Zzzzzzz..... Mom & Dad Smedley enjoy Kathy's new chair & ottoman. Elaine supervises Dennis on the computer Help, I've fallen and I can't get up.  And Kathy's new couch!
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Stephen rescued the dog. Family McGuire, Part I Family McGuire, Part II