Mo & Terry Smedley


Elaine Pauline Mary Lauzier McGuire
August 30, 1916 - September 3, 2002

Mo's Mom passed away September 3.  She leaves behind a legacy of four children, twelve grandchildren, and eighteen great-grandchildren, and a world of friends near and far.  Elaine always loved a family get-together, so we think she'd have been proud to see all of her children and grandchildren assembled together for the first time in many, many years.

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Connie McGuire Teague, Pat's youngest Pat's wife Vera with Carl Wally Juskavitch and Becky McGuire, Den's daughter Terry & Mo McGuire Smedley Crystal McGuire Malchose (one of Pat's twins) and Denny
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Connie taking a smoke break Becky, Dennis, and Wally Wally (Becky's significant other) Aunt Kathy & Princess Jason
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Colleen, Crystal, Cathy, and Connie (Pat's four girls) L to R: Glen, Crystal, Colleen, Pat, Vera, Connie, Ed, Cathy, Becky, Robby Vera & Rich (belongs to Becky Compton)  supervise the group picture taking Some kind of weird McGuire-Compton thing
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Mo with Mel & Judy Bateman.  Mel drove Elaine to the hospital when Mo was born. Mo with Jan (Bateman) Meyer-Caston and youngest daughter Lindsey Kathy with Pam, Effie, Mo, and Russ Smedley Justin, Kim, and Kevin Helenius (they all belong to Carol Richardson)
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Cousins Carol & Judy (Richardson) and  Mo & Kathy (McGuire) Sandy Thomas, Mo, and Sandy's oldest,  Kimberly Mona Kathy, Mo, Sandy Sandy & Mo (inseparable in high school)
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A few of the eighteen great-grandchildren helping to celebrate Nathan Teague's third birthday at Papa Pat's A few more of the eighteen.... Mason (Becky Compton Oberg's middle child) with Dan (Cathy McGuire Masters fiance) Papa Pat holds a Sponge Bob Square Pants pinata
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Aunt Crystal & Ryan Teague (Connie McGuire Teague's youngest) Kathy & Mo arrange flowers at the graveside.  Elaine is buried on top of Ken, which was fodder for many family jokes for a lot of years. Richardson children John, Judy, and Steve with Elaine's brother Eli Ollivier, her only surviving sibling. McGuire children Kathy, Mo, and Pat with Uncle Eli.  Pat is holding the Marine veterans flag given to Elaine.
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Uncle Eli and Mo Becky, Wally, and Kathy with good friend Lily Sallas from the St. Benedict parish