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Here are more pictures of Goldie as she settles in to our routine (and we settle in to hers!)  Look down the page for earlier pictures.

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Goldie likes to have her belly scratched.... ...any place in the house is a good place to be scratched. She loves to go for walks...this is on a trail near Forks. Goldie is a very peaceful rider in the car.  She likes to rest her head on the back window of the Subaru.
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The neighbor dogs sometimes come over to  play. She loves tennis balls!
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We spent a sunny summer afternoon on the Humptulips River up by Campbell Tree Grove. Goldie wasn't deterred by the very cold water.   After a long fetching session, some pats feel pretty good!
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  Beautiful trees at the Campbell Tree Grove campground.    

When a co-worker relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, we became foster parents to Goldie, a ten-year-old Retriever mix.   She's adapted well to her new surroundings, and we're delighted to have a dog in the house again.  Goldie has a very mellow disposition.  It's been a long time since we've been able to take a dog on a walk around the property without being constrained by a leash!

Here are some pictures from her first couple of weeks in our house.

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She's a happy dog! And she likes to sleep! Everywhere Goldie goes, you'll find at least one tennis ball. I took her to the Humptulips River to fetch tennis balls.  She had a good time, but was sacked out on the trip home.
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This is the East Hoquiam River at Bob & Betsy's. Goldie waits for me to throw for her - you can see two of her tennis balls near her.   Zep and Goldie enjoyed running through the river and field on this hot day
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There's always time for a snooze in the sun