Mo & Terry Smedley


Here are a few pictures of the people who made our British Columbia railway adventure truly memorable.

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Mo finds McGuire Street near our hotel in North Vancouver Mom & Dad study our itinerary in the North Vancouver station as we await our Budd car Our home for the next ten days - Budd RDC BC-10 The BC-10 pictures were taken at the Lillooet station
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An authentic back country engineer - the Southbound Cariboo Prospector passes us near Kelly Lake Look carefully and you'll see Mom in the cab of the Budd Our traveling partners for the week Mo says this switchboard in the Quesnel museum looks a lot like the one she ran at the Sherwood Inn
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I remember playing with Grandma's treadle sewing machine Mo plays the school teacher September 11, 2001
 Our gracious Canadian hosts expressed their sympathy for the terrorist attacks by playing the Star Spangled Banner on these antique bells
At the museum, one of the docents handed each of us a carnation to express her sorrow at the days events
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"Phil's Good Eats", a play on the original name of BCRail - the Pacific Great Eastern Here's Terry lined up to video a passing freight Dad examines the rail & spikes at a brief rest stop while we wait for clear track L to R: Trainmen Ken & Marvel, and Conductor Roy
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Mo meets her Mountie at the Fort Nelson museum The curator calls this his "knothead" Here's the curator next to the trapper's cabin Mike from Chicago is flanked by dancers costumed from the Alaska Gold Rush era at a community welcome in Fort Nelson
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Mo gets a canine fix at the Trapper's Den in Fort Nelson Here we are at the "end of iron" - the tracks go no further North Another photographer's lineup Mom and Ron, one of our volunteer tour guides
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Roy and Dad in the cab of our Budd car Engineer Joe waiting for us in Dawson Creek Three monkeys in the zoo Mom and Dad share a ride in the cab with Conductor Roy
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Engineer Joe hard at work Mom and Chicago Mike Taking a break at a photo stop on a beautiful sunny day Along the lake shore at the Fort St. James historic park
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Our singing Trainman, Marvel Mike took about 50 rolls of film on our trip.  Here he scrambles up a hillside to get the best shot Volunteer guides Keith and Ron Mike and Ivy (our Engineer's wife)
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Judy, our Conductor's wife, and Ivy Mike gives the high sign Tour leader Dave The crew poses at the Lone Butte water tower
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Our tour guides Ivy and Judy taking pictures of their husbands at Lone Butte Mike poses in front of the Painted Chasm I think everybody is watching the high railer (pickup truck with rail wheels) get on  the track
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On the last leg of our trip, Roy was able to work from the comfort of a passenger's seat Waiting at Whistler to meet up with the Cariboo Prospector for our return to North Vancouver   Our daily seat rotation meant Bob and Bill followed us every day!