Mo & Terry Smedley


These pictures were taken in December, 1976, mostly in Pasadena.  They were found while cleaning out the garage today!  (Use your browser's "back" button to return to our home page.)

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Steve & his Mercedes 450 on a trip to sunny Southern California I think this was probably taken near Mt. Wilson, in the San Gabriel range North of Pasadena Steve and Skunker, at the house that Steve & Charles shared in West Seattle. (Half of) Terry & Tuffy, a dog that stayed with us for a short time while we lived in Pasadena.
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Tuffy loved to watch the hamsters at play. Tuffy & Terry playing tug-of-war with a favorite toy.  And we still have that coffee table! Tuffy takes a nap on my chest in our Pasadena apartment. Tuffy would lay quietly on the bed in the morning until he saw an eye open - then he would jump all over you.