Mo & Terry Smedley


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Mother's Day 2008

Grandma Jennie Carey Lewis

Unauthorized T-Shirt

(at Issaquah Hillside Cemetery)

Grandpa Ora Smedley

(Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery)

Pam, Mo, Steve arrange flowers for Uncle Stan Hilton's grave. (Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery)

Grandma Irma Maggard, brother Melville Tudor, and son John (Daniel) Hughes are buried here. (Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery).

Mo, Pam, Dad arrange flowers at Ken and Elaine McGuire's grave (Holyrood Cemetery).

Mom with gift Azalea from Kathy McGuire.

Dad is using a measuring wheel to track the length of the new trail at Emerald Heights.

Bridge on the new EH trail.

Log borders and gravel on the new trail segment.