Mo & Terry Smedley


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Christmas Day 2012
at Kathy's house in Marysville

Kathy's house all dressed up for Christmas.... ....complete with a beverage-dispensing machine in the garage Jack enjoys his coffee.... ....and Vera found a Starbucks open on Christmas Day
Two handsome men and Pat Turkey dinner Vera shares a surprise with Kathy Now how do you pull that handle exactly?
Papa Pat and Jacy Leprechaun Terry.... ....and after a few drinks apparently Jack is gellin!
Dennis made a real effort to smile in this year's pictures!      
    Iron Man Dennis Dunno what it tastes like, but the vanilla caramel coffee sure does smell good!
Firebug Pat Think I'll take a nap now Quack Quack AFLAC Next year's desserts!
Pat and Vera look at the new calendars Such a cute couple! Red Velvet Cake!  
Elaine would be proud we're keeping up this tradition!      
  Jacy gets reassured by Aunt Kathy Vera is having a ball with her new Kindle Fire