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Here are some pictorial highlights from the 2005 Smedley & McGuire Christmas celebrations in Seattle.....eMail us if you want the original, high-resolution image for printing.

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Pam puts a few finishing touches on the tree.  New "cool" LED lighting this year. This is pretty much the level of enthusiasm Goldie showed for the weekend. The "kids" went out to see "Cats" at the Issaquah Theatre.  A great performance! On Christmas Eve, a scrabble game that would make Grandma proud....
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...well, maybe she wouldn't be so proud of the word choices highlighted here. Perhaps the IPA bottle explains the words.  This looks a little like college dorm days. The kitchen is always busy before the evening meal. I love my big brother.
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We enjoyed "Christmas Crackers" before dinner, and ended up with these hats! King Stephen. Formal portraits were taken before the gifts are opened.  
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  On Christmas morning, Goldie helps Mo explore the stocking that Santa left. Mom investigates the stream of goodies rolling out of the stocking. Kathy's friend Jack hosted the McGuires on Christmas Day.  Can you tell which ones have the "leaded" eggnog?
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  Kathy & Jack The McGuire Girls (this could be a TV series)  
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Mo said "take a picture of Becky".  So I did. When we returned to Kathy's apartment on Christmas night, we had a formal picture taking session.  Elaine would be proud of the group. What are the chances of this?  Everybody's eyes closed at the same time! A McGuire tradition.  And Elaine would be proud of this, too!  Click here for an earlier version of this picture.
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Where's Terry? Pat & Vera open their "Christmas Cracker". If you don't look carefully at the full-size picture, you'll miss Pat's special contribution. We stopped by Aunt Ginny's on our way home.  She's a pretty good looking 80-something, don't you think?
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   Mother and Daughter Ginny took this picture!  Her first digital photograph maybe?