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The Smedleys celebrated Mom's 80th birthday at the Kalaloch Lodge (pronounced Clay-Lock), located on the Washington coast in Olympic National Park.  We enjoyed terrific views of the Pacific Ocean from two rustic cabins that we rented at the lodge.   Pam, Steve, Mo and I joined Mom and Dad at the beach for a weekend-long celebration.

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As soon as we arrived on Friday afternoon, we headed for the beach. Mom and Mo tend to the flowerbox outside one of the cabins. Friday night's dinner was a taco salad served buffet style. I said we needed to get to the campground early for the evening naturalist presentation.  You can see there was quite a crowd when we arrived.
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Breakfast on Saturday morning before heading out for our rainforest adventure. I instructed Stephen carefully on the art of sandwich making.   We took a couple of walks in the Hoh rainforest, about an hour from Kalaloch.
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We finally found the source of Steve's sinus discomfort. On the "Hall of Mosses" trail. Steve was practicing what he learned at the ranger's talk the night before - scare off a cougar by making yourself look big.  
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A trick learned from the Olympians Hiking Club - nothing wrong with taking an umbrella on the trail. Hide-and-seek. At the site of an African Barking Spider nest.  You had to be there.... On the way back from the Hoh, we stopped at Ruby Beach for some more beachcombing.  Mom and Mo are looking for heart-shaped rocks.
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Dad helped Mo across a driftwood bridge. We found some nice tide pools at Ruby Beach. Ruby Beach. Everyone displays the heart-shaped rocks.
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Steve escorts Mom to a dinner celebration in the dining room at the lodge. Cake and berries in our cabin after dinner. Mom received a Red Hat Club pin... ...and "When I Am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple"
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Steve made a nice beach fire Saturday night. Steve and I briefly waded in the water after dark. Watching the fire die down, after some 'smores. I was showing Pam a few tricks with the digital camera.
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Mom and Dad enjoy the view from their cabin as they wait for us to get ready for Sunday morning breakfast. The Smedleys in 2004. Hmmh.... Big brother and little brother.
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We waded across Kalaloch Creek, and explored the area below our cabins.  You can see Mom & Dad's cabin on the bluff in the background. Everybody enjoyed wading into the water on Sunday afternoon. I would have been all the way in if I had something other than my jeans and boots!  
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We explored the tide pools at Beach 4.  Pam is showing Mom and Dad a sea star she located. I scrambled up a rock formation and watched from above. Sunday night was a beautiful sunset.  Dad bravely walks beneath the sea birds that were everywhere as the sun headed down.  
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Mom, Dad, and Mo watch the sun go down.   In twilight, overlooking Kalaloch Creek from the lodge. We picked up Goldie when we returned home on Monday, and Dad tossed some tennis balls for her.