Mo & Terry Smedley


Part VI - Burlington, VT to Glens Falls, NY: Amtrak Vermonter, Chester, Vermont Country Store

A pretty quiet day today.  We rode the Amtrak Vermonter for about 125 miles from Waterford, VT to Bellows Falls, VT.    From Bellows Falls, our bus took us to the small town of Chester for lunch at the Fullerton Inn.   Next, a stop at the Vermont Country Store, then on to Glens Falls, NY for the night. 

The foliage colors were spectacular today on the route of the Vermonter along the Connecticut and White Rivers.   The colors are much more visible on the full-size photos (click on the thumbnails to see).  We also saw impressive evidence of flood damage from Hurricane Irene (none of which I captured in a photograph).

We walked around Waterbury while waiting for our train.  We passed this unambigious marker in a yard. Another interesting sign, on a bookstore in Chester.  You should be able to guess at the translation from French. Colors were spectacular on our ride on the Amtrak Vermonter. Along the White River from the Vermonter.
From the Vermonter.  If you look closely at the bottom of the picture, you can get a hint of some of the flood damage we saw along the White River. I had a few calls from work.  Mo documented me trying to respond to eMail on my teeny-tiny cell phone. Not the best photography (shot at a steep angle through the moving train's windows), but a significant photograph nevertheless.  The rails now extend from one side of the White River Bridge to the other!  Compare this picture to the one I took last week on our way North in Vermont, where the girders were still several feet out of alignment.  This looks like great repair progress! A very long covered bridge across the Connecticut River, between Windsor, VT and Cornish, NH.  It is 450 feet long.  Taken from the Vermonter.
The Vermont Country Store, in Rockingham, VT.  We stopped here based on a voice vote on the bus.  Mo and I voted "Nay", but the "Ayes" took it handily. This picture is for Vera, and she will know why.  Taken inside the Vermont Country Store. Inside the Store, Mo found one of our favorite children's books - "The Poky Little Puppy" Outside the Vermont Country Store