Mo & Terry Smedley


Part V - Burlington, VT: Amtrak Vermonter, Birds of Vermont Museum, Stowe, Trapp Family Lodge

We had a brief ride on Amtrak's Vermonter from Essex Junction (Burlington) to Waterbury.  This train had been replaced by a bus for the past few months as a major track rebuild project was completed.  Train service on the upgraded line resumed just last week.  While our ride was brief, it was smooth as silk over the new continuous welded rail.  This train has proven wildly popular - today, some 120 people boarded the train at Essex Junction.   Obamabucks at work, with excellent results.

From Waterbury, we drove to the Birds of Vermont Museum, then on to Stowe and the Trapp Family Lodge for lunch and exploration.  On our return trip to Burlington, we stopped at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill for some yummy freshly-pressed apple cider.

Today, the colors were out in force - much more vibrant than we had seen over the past few days.  Another gloriously sunny fall day.

At the Birds of Vermont Museum, wood carver Bob Spear has created carvings of almost 300 species of birds found in Vermont.  The carvings typically include both male and female plumage, and are shown in natural habitat settings. A Grouse pair. A Peregrine Falcon with its capture. A pair of American Kestrels
A Broad-winged Hawk, with a snake captured in its talons. A Gyrfalcon attacking a Goldeneye Duck.  The artist had photographed just such an attack many years ago. A wonderful curved bridge on a trail leading away from the Museum. Chipmunks were everywhere around the Museum's bird feeders.  This little guy has a mouthful he's stashing away for the winter.
A fun exhibit outside the Museum, comparing the wingspans of many birds. On our way up to Stowe, we passed the Old Round Church in Richmond (Vermont). A view of rich fall colors from the Trapp Family Lodge. Yup, this is the "Sound of Music" family, who ended up in Vermont after leaving Austria.
  The grounds below the Trapp Family Lodge And the Trapp Family Lodge itself. A very pleasant walk down a trail from the Lodge
"The Birthplace", by Robert Frost. Eye-popping color near the Lodge A cider press being filled at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill.  The fresh cider was very tasty.  Wish we could bring a jug or two home! Another great sunset over Lake Champlain and the Adirondaks of New York.
Vermont's Number One visitor attraction didn't disappoint.