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A collection of photographs taken in late fall 2007

Thanksgiving at Emerald Heights
ZooLites at Pt. Defiance
Becky and Wally come to visit

A Thanksgiving dessert created by Emerald Heights culinary staff Mo, Kathy, Steve, and Mom take on a game of Rummikube in the common area.  Jacy likes the wide open spaces there. Steve is showing off his Rummikube pieces. Thanksgiving, Steve, Mo and I took Mom and Dad to the Zoolights display at Pt. Defiance.  We arrived at dusk.
You should be able to pick out some NW landmarks - Mt. Rainier, the Narrows bridge Over the Rainbow....there's Mt. Rainier Moonlight on Commencement Bay  
Steve and Mom The "kids" took a ride on the carousel The "parents" watched Mom treated us to hot chocolate in the cafeteria
Becky, Wally, and Kathy came to visit us in early December - on a weekend when there was snowfall in Grays Harbor.   The snow-covered trees in back of the house highlight where we removed trees this summer  
The McGuires get together for dinner Becky introduces us to the "Wrong Game" Becky is setting up a game for us to play while Wally takes in breakfast.  Wally and I were already working on Diet Pepsi - the breakfast of champions. I poked my head out the morning of the windstorm and saw forest litter everywhere.  I don't think the picture really shows how much junk was blowing about.  This area was spotless after we completed our cleanup from logging.  Now it's covered with branches and needles.
We had about a dozen trees blow over - this one is North of the house by the garage.   I guess Dad will get some more logs for his trail maintenance project! A few trees snapped off - this one blew over from Sudderth Road towards the house. The wind was still blowing very hard in the morning.  I took this about 10AM and just about half hour later..... of the trees in the earlier picture had snapped off about 30 feet up the trunk
One tree came across and blocked our road.   I got it cleared from the road in the morning. The wind was still blowing very hard and I just left the branches piled on either side of the road until it was safe to get the chipper in.   While I was working to clear the road, two more trees came down just to the right of where this picture is taken.  This is taken from Karl Rainey's driveway at the corner mailboxes - you can see the size and quantity of branches that are scattered everywhere Looking down Sudderth Road you can see a couple of trees blown through the power line on the left. I asked Mo to check to see if the line was still hot before I started cutting the trees out of the road ;-)
Looking back to the mailboxes along Sudderth Road Downed power lines by the mailboxes With power out for over a week, the only hot water is in the bathroom.  The generator can run the small point-of-use hot water heater there.  So we're setting up to do dishes in the bathroom sinks.