Mo & Terry Smedley


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A collection of photographs taken in late summer and fall of 2007

Mo loses ... then finds her ring
Uncle Dick & Aunt Nita Ottoson's 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration on Whidbey Island
Mo's braces come off
Sibling vacation to Spokane

After a walk on our perimeter trail, Mo noticed that her ring was missing.  We walked the trail numerous times looking for it, but what are the chances of finding a ring on a trail that's a mile long string of wood chips?  Brother Pat loaned us a metal detector, and Mo set out one more time to try to find it. With amazing luck, the detector alerted her to something after she'd searched about half of the trail.   Pretty amazing!  Don't think there's any way it would have been found without the metal detector. An official Hollywood style  re-enactment - she found the ring!!  
Jacy helped in the search by treeing a squirrel. And she was pooped after all the searching when we got home. Big and little sisters at the 50th Anniversary celebration. L-R Guggi's mom from Austria, Nita, Craig Garbrick, Mo, Mary Ann Hanlon, Stephen, and Paul Hanlon.
L-R Stephen, Paul Hanlon, Mom, Kim, Mark. Guggi's mom handcrafted the table decorations!  She's showing Nita and Stephen how she did it. Sisters talking it over. Dad entertains nieces Guggi and Kim.
Mark and Guggi with Mom. Middle children Stephen and Colleen. Steve, Colleen, and Madeleine. Just before the braces come off....
...after the braces are off.  The red bottle is a candy-filled jar given to her by the orthodontist! In October, Steve, Mo and I took a mini-vacation to visit Pam in Spokane.  Mo is watching a DVD while Jacy looks out the back window of Steve's van. Pam and Mo get manicures and pedicures.  Steve and I raked pine needles from Pam's yard.  Hardly seems fair. We bought Pam this lovely Halloween gift at WalMart.
Sundaes for everyone. Greg's daughter Emily and her nephew Tre (son of Greg's other daughter, Jessie). Tre is showing Pam how the digital camera works.  
The boys bag up the needles for Pam to cart away. Jacy just fits between the front seats in the van. We took a short drive to Spirit Lake, Idaho to see Becky (Pat's daughter) and Chris Sheffield. The Sheffields
Jacy used to live with Chris and Becky.  She's having fun getting reacquainted with their dog Tyson. The view from their front porch!  It will be stunning when the snow comes. Chris and Becky's house Back in Spokane, working in Pam's remodeled kitchen
Jacy meets Brinkley, Pam's neighbor dog