Mo & Terry Smedley


100 Mile House, Clinton, and Bellingham

After departing Lillooet, we followed the route of the Prospector to Pavilion.   Here, the train takes a Westerly path around Pavilion Mountain up the Fraser Canyon to Kelly Lake, while the highway heads East.   At Clinton, the rail and highway routes again converge.  We spent the Sunday just north of 100 Mile House, at the 108 Resort.   The next day, we headed South to Clinton, then took a very interesting secondary road right over the top of Pavilion Mountain back to Lillooet.   This road was one-car-wide with grades up to 15% cut into very steep rock cliffs.    After the nail-biting trip up the mountain (thankfully we met no oncoming traffic!), the road breaks into the open on the South flanks of Pavilion mountain.   There were stunning views of expansive highland ranching country falling away to the Fraser River below.

We followed the highway through Hope, and crossed the border at Sumas before heading to Bellingham for the night.  Tuesday, we explored the Western Washington University campus briefly, then headed back home via Chuckanut Drive and Larrabee State Park.

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Upon arrival at the 108 Resort, we started on a 6 mile walk around 108 Lake, The resort and golf course are in the clearing just over my shoulder. Beautiful fall colors trim the lake, with the resort in the distance. You don't see many red fall colors, but the yellows were on fire.
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Not particularly happy here - I think Mo was wanting to get the walk done so we could have dinner. The golf course groundskeeper takes his Border Collie on a run around the course before closing. After a terrific dinner in the clubhouse restaurant, we awoke to another beautiful fall day with fog hanging in the valley. Canada geese everywhere, as I guess you would expect.
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Here's 108 Lake that we walked around the night before. This morning, we took a 3 mile walk around a smaller lake nearby. A few golfers out, although this time of year is pretty quiet at the resort. Lots to do at 108 Resort!
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On our drive home, we stopped at the 100 Mile House (Exeter) BCRail station. We're descending Pavilion Mountain after the road has broken out into the open.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures from the more "interesting" parts of this road - too busy hanging on for dear life. The fields in the distance are probably used for ginseng, a popular crop in the Fraser Canyon area. The road over Pavilion Mountain looks down on the rail route up the Fraser.  Click here to see a view from the train taken at about this spot.
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Below Pavilion, Mo caught this train of empties heading up the canyon. We chased it for a while. Prof. Mark Wicholas from WWU, my principal professor in Chemistry.  Many of the faculty members I knew are still there after all these years! Red Square on the campus.  The students look so young!  They were older when we were going to school!
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Somewhere beneath this square you'll find our student body cards.  This is the traditional commencement walk. Old Main, the campus administration building. Looks like the bookstore needs some more English language classes. The new Chemistry Building, dedicated about ten years ago.
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We hiked down to the beach at Larrabee State Park.  These are the tracks where we used to watch trains on sunny evenings.  Here's a picture of Mo on the tracks near here from earlier days. At the beach. We spent a lot of time walking through the woods at Larrabee in college days. Apparently, they have a different way of selling eggs in Burlington.